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School of Design

Fashion (MA)


The fashion practitioners that you view here today offer an emerging body of work, a world articulated unambiguously in their own voice. The RCA comes with many privileges, the best is being close to the voices that decide our tomorrow. We become their students and hope to collaborate: maybe in time to feel their excitement on that edge - a place of care, empathy, new ways of being -  new words that describe - asking for honesty with each step, wear, weave, being.

Fashion constantly works at a state-changing level of thinking, being, creating, believing, not always fitting, often disruptive but always sentient and pragmatic in their dreaming.

Today these designers perceive systems, structures and expressions of their fashion identities with an awareness of how values are embedded from the first thought to all final outputs you will see later this year.

{Text by Zowie Broach}

Image Credit: Joyce Addai-Davis